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DatumUhrzeit OrtSerie Vortrag vonTitel
2017-04-2814:00 S3 057PHD Stephen Edward Moore newsNonstandard Discretization Strategies In Isogeometric Analysis for Partial Differential Equations
2017-04-2812:45 S2 046O Bernd Simeon newsNonsmooth Contact Dynamics for the Large-Scale Simulation of Granular Material
2017-04-2515:30 S2 059RS Armin Fohler A posteriori Error Estimation for Adaptive Mesh-Refinement on Non-polygonal Domains
2017-03-2815:30 S2 059RS Svetlana Matculevich Functional a posteriori error estimates and adaptivity for IgA schemes
2017-03-2115:30 S2 059RS Bernhard Endtmayer Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Multiple Goal Functionals
2017-02-1413:45 S2 048PHD Peter Gangl Sensitivity-Based Topology and Shape Optimization with Application to Electrical Machines
2017-02-0913:00 S3 048PHD Matúš Benko Numerical Methods for Mathematical Programs with Disjunctive Constraints
2017-02-0910:15 S3 057RS Jiří V. Outrata On Cournot-Nash-Walras Equilibria and Their Computation
2017-01-3116:15 S2 059RS Jarle Sogn Robust preconditioners for optimality systems - an infinite-dimensional perspective
2017-01-3115:30 S2 059RS Christoph Hofer Exact and Inexact IETI-DP Solvers for Continuous and Discontinuous Galerkin IgA Equations
2017-01-1715:30 S2 059RS Ioannis Toulopoulos Multipatch space and space time IgA